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Custom development

We will create a solution for you that will correspond exactly to your needs. 

Observability (APM)

Keep your applications under control and identify potential problems early. 


The electronicization of documents will allow you to focus on your business priorities.

Team leasing

Leave the management and care o development team to us, leaving more time for your core business.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is becoming a natural part of information ecosystems. Don't stand aside.

The cornerstones of our company

The primary goal of our company is that each of its members, from shareholders to rank-and-file employees, is satisfied in their work and outside of it. We believe that this satisfaction stems from a few basic building blocks.


our company is well managed and built on stable economic foundations


the work has to be fun in order for it to have good results

High aspiration

we always aspire to create something bigger and better


company is built on family foundations and treats its employees the same way




We are colleagues, we are friends, we are family.

Our company is headed by personalities who led dozens of our projects. Thus, they thoroughly know the market in which Blogic operates, as well as the needs of our clients.

Company management

Ing. Jiří Pálka, Ph.D.


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Ing. Jan Pálka, Ph.D.

Sales Director

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Ing. Francis Bolf

Chief Operations Officer

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Ing. Hynek Petrla

Chief Technology Officer

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Blogic is built on strong values and principles that ensure the satisfaction not only of the people who work in it, but also of those in their surroundings.

We support


Our company has been closely connected with the Tomas Bata University in Zlín since its foundation. During our cooperation, we have helped several hundred of students and graduates gain experience in a hi-tech field with high added value.


Our company supports various non-profit organizations. All members of the Blogic team are often actively involved in this activity. The entire team thus has the opportunity to help a good cause of their choice with a contribution from the company or just with their activities.

Corporate social responsibility

Social responsibility and sustainability is one of the self-evident pillars of behavior at Blogic. We have summarized the basic principles and positions of social responsibility in the document Social responsibility - internal policy and opinions and we remember them in all our activities.

Sport support

For several years now, we have regularly and not only financially supported our colleague Tom and his girlfriend Natálka in their enthusiasm and passion for cycling. We are amazed and proud to watch their incredible performances at races throughout the Czech Republic and at world championships.

Are you interested in cooperation?

Let us know and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Fondy Evropské unie

Naše společnost je úspěšná v oblasti čerpání finančních prostředků z evropských fondů. V minulosti jsme realizovali projekty Vývoj nové obchodní a prodejní platformy BSP a Vývoj nového multiplatformního řešení Blogic Genesis. Tyto projekty byly spoufinancovány prostředky Evropské unie

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