Social responsibility

Social responsibility and sustainability is one of the obvious pillars of behaviour in our Company Business Logic and beyond.

Today, our Company is one of the most important software suppliers in the Zlín region. However, the values ​​and pillars on which our Company stands are based on its foundation in 2008.

One of the main reasons for founding our Company was the lack of quality job opportunities for highly qualified specialists and experts in the Zlín region. We were faced with the choice of providing work for foreign companies, Prague or Brno, or to establish our own Company :-).

However, the greatest motivation had been, and still is, the creation of something worth more than money or even the individual. Something bigger. Companies built on strong principles and pillars that ensure satisfaction for the people working in and around them.

This satisfaction is the basic pillar on which we not only build the success of our Company today, but also in the future.

The cornerstones of our Company

The primary aim of our Company is to make each of its members, from the shareholder to the regular employee, satisfied in their work and beyond. We believe that this satisfaction stems from a few basic building blocks.


the Company is founded on stable economic foundations and is managed well


in order for work to be carried out well, it must be fun

High aims

as part of the work we do, we strive to always create something greater each time


the Company is built on family foundations and takes this same approach towards its employees

The International Cooperation

Our company has become a member of The United Nation Global Compact since 2022. This initiative brings together more than 12,000 businesses from around the world and strives for the sustainable development with an emphasis on respect for the human and labor rights, the protection of the environment and the fight against corruption.

Responsible handling of personal and sensitive client data

One of the important aspects of responsible behaviour of companies in our field is also responsible and safe handling of personal client data, or as the case may be, the data of our clients' clients.

Attaining the ISO 27001 certificate in 2020 is one of the confirmations of our long-term systematic approach to personal data protection.

Corporate philanthropy

Part of our activity is the support of non-profit organisations. We often actively involve all members of the Business Logic team in this activity. The entire team has the opportunity to contribute financially or through its activity on behalf of the Company and help a good cause.

Co-operation with a university

During our cooperation, we have helped several hundred students and graduates gain experience in high-value-added hi-tech fields.
The Company's management has successfully completed several dozen Bachelor's and Master's theses at the level of consultations or external examinations. Thanks to our colleagues and the contribution of the entire Company, Tomáš Baťa University managed to staff several specialised subjects in the field of software application development by specialists with experience in the field.

Charitable and humanitarian activity

Skaut – Scout Crisis Centre Zlín

The Zlín Scout Crisis Centre was established in response to the acute need for assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Scouts and volunteers provided shopping and everything needed for the elderly, sewing and distributing face masks and, above all, strove to be as helpful as possible to everyone during the first wave of the pandemic. Blogic employees contributed financially and materially, and thanks to this aid paediatricians in Zlín and the surrounding area could be supplied with full-face masks!


Savio is involved in Zlín as part of school prevention programmes that help resolve problems of the new generation including cyberbullying, self-harm, truancy, vandalism and other risky behaviours. Our team has supported these prevention programmes and their operation several times. Thanks to financial contributions, programmes for several classes were funded at once!

Život je dar

The Life is a Gift Foundation came up with a project supported by the KNTB Oncology Department. Everyone realises that life is a real gift and health is the most precious thing we have. Those on the Blogic team are not indifferent to the lives of others either, which is why they financially supported this foundation, thankfully helping people suffering from oncological diseases.


The Babybox for abandoned babies helps them, their parents and mothers who are unable to take care of them in an emergency. The Blogic team contributed to the fate of the aforementioned abandoned babies, who otherwise would not have found their security and support on their path through life without the existence and assistance of Babybox.

Other supported entities
  • Mateřská školka Okružní Zlín
  • Podpora publikace Sešit plný hodnot - knížka pro děti
  • Podpora publikace Dubínek a Modřínek aneb malá dobrodružství lesních skřítků - knížka pro děti
  • Útulek pro zvířata v nouzi Zlín - Vršava
  • Námořnická unie Apráles
  • Svaz neslyšících a nedoslýchavých Vsetín
  • Velvyslanectví Ukrajiny v České republice
  • Národopisný spolek Klobučan
Our Natálka

For 2020, we supported cyclist Natália Sichálková, who belongs to the Blogic family of friends, in her enthusiasm and incredible performance in cycling. We are enthusiastic and very happy with her commitment and the results achieved by the Blogic team.

Face mask 2020 event

In March 2020, at a time of the greatest shortage of protective equipment, we decided to get involved in helping health and social institutions. As part of this assistance, our team, with the help of our Company, on its own and with the help of other friendly companies, delivered more than 5,000 face masks to institutions in need and financially supported the supply of other protective equipment (full-face shields).

As part of our assistance, we supported the following entities:
  • vojenská nemocnice Olomouc
  • nemocnice Karviná
  • onkologie Kroměříž
  • dětské oddělení nemocnice Šumperk
  • nemocnice sv.Anny Brno
  • a další
The future in Zilicon

Zilicon is one of our visions for the next decade. Thanks to the Tomáš Baťa University and a sufficient number of highly qualified graduates in the field, but also thanks to the business tradition given by Baťa's history, Zlín has all the prerequisites for becoming one of the most important hi-tech development centres in the Czech Republic.

As part of our activities, we support the creation of new start-ups or production companies, either in the form of spin-offs or as investments in the actual start-up companies. In this way, we follow the involvement of an increasing number of graduates in interesting projects in the hi-tech field in Zlín and to the increased importance of Zlín as a development centre in the Czech Republic.

"We believe Zlín has a chance to become Moravia’s Zilicon Valley."
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