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Custom development

We will create a solution for you that will correspond exactly to your needs. 

Observability (APM)

Keep your applications under control and identify potential problems early. 


The electronicization of documents will allow you to focus on your business priorities.

Team leasing

Leave the management and care o development team to us, leaving more time for your core business.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is becoming a natural part of information ecosystems. Don't stand aside.

Blogic Team leasing

There is no need to look for new employees to access trained software development specialists. Use team leasing from Blogic! This modern method of outsourcing allows you to hire a team of specialists directly from our company. This team then works directly on your projects and has the same role as your internal team.

Trained team of specialists

The team we provide is put together and customized by our specialists based on close cooperation with you in order to specifically match your project's needs. Our experience and expertise allows us to provide you with a team of specialists that will precisely match your needs and help you achieve your goals.


Flexibility is a key element. Our experienced specialists are ready to help you with different project requirements such as project scope changes, delivery speed and more. With our team of specialists, easily adaptable to your needs, you can be sure that your project will be successfully completed on time and in accordance with all your requirements.

Lower expenses

By hiring a team of specialists , you get a team that is already trained and has experience with working on various projects. This allows you to start working efficiently on your project without having to invest in recruiting an internal team. In addition, our service allows you to work with a team of experts who are always at the top of their field and can provide the latest technology and expertise.


Our specialists are trained and constantly follow trends in software development to provide the latest and most effective solutions for your projects. This gives you the opportunity to use technological know-how that would otherwise be hard to come by. Thanks to that, you will gain better results and innovative solutions, which might be crucial for your business' success.

Delivery speed and quality

Speed and quality of delivery are crucial for any company. Using team leasing from our company, you can get a key advantage that will allow you to improve the quality and speed of your project delivery. Our specialists have extensive experience in the field of software development and are able to work efficiently on projects, which means they can create solutions faster and more efficiently than internal teams.

Functional team without worries

Our company takes care of all HR matters such as recruitment, training and more so that you can have a team of software development experts at your disposal immediately. We will put together a tailor-made team for you that will be able to work efficiently from day one, and you will be able to fully focus on your projects. With us you can have a team without worries and with a guarantee that your projects will be successful!



Leave the management and care for development team to us, leaving more time for your core business.

We deliver our services to everyone, from startups, small and medium-sized companies to large corporations with international reach.

Samples of our work

We have extensive experience with team leasing and our teams have been used by many clients for a long time.

Selected references

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Let us know and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Naši odborníci využívají nejmodernější technologie k zajištění špičkového výsledku.

Díky tomu můžeme nabídnout našim klientům inovativní a efektivní softwarová řešení.

Technology stack

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