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Custom development

We will create a solution for you that will correspond exactly to your needs. 

Observability (APM)

Keep your applications under control and identify potential problems early. 


The electronicization of documents will allow you to focus on your business priorities.

Team leasing

Leave the management and care o development team to us, leaving more time for your core business.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is becoming a natural part of information ecosystems. Don't stand aside.



We encourage strong stories.

Cyclists Natálka and Tom

For several years now, we have regularly and not only financially supported our colleague Tom  and his girlfriend Natálka in their enthusiasm and passion for cycling. We are amazed and proud to watch their incredible performances at races throughout the Czech Republic and at world championships. We are very happy with their commitment and the results they achieve!

Swimmer Nela Divošová

Nela comes from Zlín and is the best mentally disabled swimmer in the Czech Republic. Thanks to this, she qualified for the first time to participate in the international 2nd European Summer Games in Poland Virtus summer games 2022. We are glad that we could help her fulfill her dream of participating in international competitions in competitive swimming, where she achieved a great final position and beat four personal records! And we continue to support Nela and wish her to fulfill her next goal -  to get as close as possible to the European top.

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