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Artificial Intelligence

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Premier Wines: Sales e-shop

On our own platform for creating online stores BSP (Business Sales Platform), we created a sales e-shop for Premier Wines, a seller of premium alcohol even for the most demanding.

The solution includes basic e-commerce modules:

  • Product catalog - a module that stores information about the products that the company sells, including their description, price and images.

  • Shopping cart - a module that allows the customer to select the products he wants to buy and add them to the cart.

  • Payment gateway - a module that ensures secure processing of the customer's payment data and provides various payment options, such as payment by card or bank transfer.

  • Invoicing and delivery data - a module in which the customer can enter his invoicing data and delivery information so that the ordered product can be delivered to the correct address.

  • Order management - a module that allows the company to monitor the status of orders, handle complaints and communicate with customers regarding their orders.

Furthermore, the solution includes additional modules, such as notifications about goods that are in stock or tools for e-mail marketing. There is also a function to use coupons and various promotions, which allows Premier Wines to offer customers discounts and interesting offers on their wines.

Not to mention one of the most complicated parts of the system is the connection to the Helios ERP system, which ensures efficient administration and management of orders and stock, which helps Premier Wines better plan and manage their business processes.

This solution enables Premier Wines to expand their business model and acquire new customers.


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