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Artificial Intelligence

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Gumex: Creating B2B solutions

Together with our team, we created a B2B solution for our customer Gumex, which is in the field of hoses and seals. This solution brought many advantages to Gumex.

First, we created a web interface that allows Gumex to manage its business partners and customers easily and quickly. Thanks to this, Gumex can quickly respond to requests and offer its customers a wide range of products.

Another advantage is process automation. Thanks to our solution, Gumex can automate many routine tasks such as order generation, invoicing and order status tracking. This means Gumex employees can devote more time to more meaningful tasks, such as acquiring new customers and developing business opportunities.

This solution naturally included a highly sophisticated connection of the e-commerce system with ERP Helios Orange, which brought increased efficiency of the entire purchasing process. This integration makes it possible to automate many processes, such as order management, invoicing and billing, which has resulted in increased efficiency and reduced error rates.

Information has also improved, and this connection allows the company to gain an overview of the current status of orders, stocks and other important information. This allows them to better respond to changes in demand and ensure they are always ready to fulfill customer orders.

At the same time, the solution for Gumex was one of the first where we used ElasticSearch technology - an open-source technology for full-fledged search, which is often used in e-shops to improve the user experience and increase the search functionality. ElasticSearch allows e-shops to quickly and efficiently index large amounts of data and allows users to quickly search for products using various criteria such as keyword, price or category.

In addition, the e-shop in the product details has an offerbox function and a sophisticated and complex algorithm that, according to the preferences of the customer and the preferences of the Gumex company, offers the customer the opportunity to buy, for example, a hose from several pieces and thereby save money, or to buy a slightly larger or a smaller piece.

Demand Center

For Gumex, we have also developed a Request Center, which serves as an overview of all possible requests that can be made by customers. Inquiries can be made using complex and responsive forms that respond to the data entered by the customer. In addition, all these forms are fully administrable in the system administration, so Gumex employees can comfortably and easily edit individual forms.

In addition to the Czech website, we also prepared Slovak, German, and Austrian websites for the company

and the English version. Managing all these e-shops is a piece of cake for the company thanks to a common administration, where it is easy to manage all products, services, orders, customers, blog and more.

We are very honored to be able to cooperate with Gumex. Their interest in our services is a great challenge for us, and we believe that together we fulfill expectations, and we can still do a lot together.

The solution includes:

  • ElasticSeach e-shop search,

  • customer zone with Helios Orange connection,

  • creating complex and complex requests via the Request Center,

  • Offerbox in product detail with an offer according to customer and company preferences,

  • Slovak, German, Austrian and English mutation.


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