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Custom development

We will create a solution for you that will correspond exactly to your needs. 

Observability (APM)

Keep your applications under control and identify potential problems early. 


The electronicization of documents will allow you to focus on your business priorities.

Team leasing

Leave the management and care o development team to us, leaving more time for your core business.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is becoming a natural part of information ecosystems. Don't stand aside.

GeoAPI: API to address database

Almost every system working with client data receives various addresses from clients, permanent, contact, headquarters, etc. In the Czech Republic, there is a public database RÚIAN, which contains comprehensive data on all address locations. This database is very extensive and frequently updated. Its implementation in every such project does not make sense and its maintenance is very demanding.

That's why we decided to use our rich experience in real estate and ecommerce solutions and build a REST API on top of this database that we can connect to any project. This API also includes automatic updating of the RÚIAN database, and thanks to it, each of our projects always has fresh data. The data provided by the API is available at different levels, as needed, from individual objects, streets, zip codes, cities, etc. to comprehensive full-text address searches.


Are you interested in cooperation?

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