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In this post, we would like to introduce you to our project that we have been working on at Blogic for the past few months. This is Coinwage - a startup for paying employee wages in Bitcoin.

The origin of this idea was quite simple. As a company, we wanted to pay our employees in Bitcoin, but we found out that it is not as easy as we thought. Accountants need special processes for payroll and additional paperwork to deal with. So we decided to create a separate project that would solve this problem and make it easy and worry-free to pay wages in cryptocurrencies.

From idea to startup

The first phase of the project consisted of analyzing the market and competition and creating the concept and design of the application. We had to consider the various options by which the payment of wages in Bitcoin could be implemented. Based on this analysis, we decided to develop an application that would allow employers to easily and quickly pay salaries in Bitcoin, while minimizing the costs and efforts of accountants.

In the next phase of the project, we started developing the application. A team of developers and project managers worked to make the application user-friendly and to enable fast and seamless Bitcoin salary payments. We also had to make sure the app was secure and reliable.

AML and user authentication

For this project, it was necessary to solve the issue of remote identification of users according to the AML Act. That's why we decided to integrate BankID (Bank Identity). Thanks to our rich experience with BankID and partnership with Bankovní identita a.s. implementation was quick and seamless. By connecting BankID with Coinwage, it has enabled users to log in more securely and authenticate more easily in essentially a few clicks.

Emphasis on technology

Of course, this project could not be realized without the use of modern technologies. To develop the application, we used .NET and MS SQL for the backend part, and React for the frontend. These technologies are widely used and enable fast and efficient application development.

To ensure reliable and safe operation of the application, we used the Application Performance Monitoring and API management tools. These tools allowed us to monitor the performance of the application and adapt it according to the needs of the users. Thanks to this, we were able to optimize the performance of the application and minimize outages and errors.

Overall, we have worked on the Coinwage project with the most advanced technologies available in the market. This has ensured that our app is reliable, secure and user-friendly.

A successful start

After the launch of the project, there was a rapid expansion outside our company, and the project began to be noticed by large Internet media such as FinTree or CzechCrunch.

We believe that this project will help many companies around the world to pay salaries in Bitcoin easily and without worries.

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