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Artificial Intelligence

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Fincentrum Reality: Real estate system

We created an internal real estate system including a real estate offer portal for Fincentrum Reality, one of the largest real estate companies in the Czech Republic.

The real estate portal is used by hundreds of brokers and more than a thousand deals have been made through it. This system contains a number of modules that allow real estate brokers to effectively manage their business.

Major modules include:

  • Property records: allows brokers to enter and manage information about properties they offer for sale or rent.

  • Client records: allows brokers to manage contact details and transaction history with clients.

  • Trade records: allows brokers to manage information about trades that are in preparation, negotiation or closing.

  • Integration with real estate portals: allows brokers to export their advertisements to real estate portals, automatically, without the need for manual intervention, including topping.

  • Record of leads: a module that manages potential deals in numerous workflows so that the potential of these contacts is used to the maximum.

  • Integration with the MLM system: we connected this system with the company's main MLM system, including the connection to accounting.

The real estate portal is designed to best meet the needs of real estate agents and made their work easier. In addition, its integration with other systems brings additional benefits and allows the real estate agency to effectively manage its business.


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