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Premier Wines: CRM solution for merchants

We have developed a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution that enables Premier Wines to better manage relationships with its customers. This includes collecting information about customers, such as their personal information, purchase history and preferences, and using that information to improve the customer experience and increase sales.

For wine sellers at Premier Wines, the CRM solution enables better organization and management of client contacts, helping to gain valuable information about preferences and interests. Thanks to this information, marketers were able to tailor their product and service offerings to best meet the needs and demands of their customers.

The CRM solution we created allows the salespeople at Premier Wines to track and analyze their sales goals and performance, helping them identify opportunities to improve and increase sales. For example, they can find out which products or areas are most profitable for them and focus on those areas to maximize their sales.

The basic modules of the CRM solution:

  • Customer Management: This module is used to store and manage customer information.

  • Sales Management: This module is used to record and track wine sales.

  • Management of marketing activities enabling the planning and implementation of marketing activities such as e-mail or social media campaigns, monitoring their effectiveness.

  • TourPlan module: This module uses geolocation information about the addresses of individual meetings and puts them in a sequence that allows the trader to make the most efficient use of his time and ensure that he travels as little as possible between individual meetings.

We believe that the CRM solution delivered by us will help Premier Wines to streamline customer relationship management, improve customer experience and increase customer loyalty, leading to increased business results.


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