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Podepiš.to: a platform for digitally signing documents

Podepiš.to is a platform that enables the signing of digital documents using
a digital signature of the QES type. This type of signature is based on cryptographic principles and is considered one of the most secure methods for signing digital documents.

At the same time, this type of signature is the most secure from the point of view of eIDAS, and its legal recognition is at the level of a hand-signed document. A document signed in this way is considered a document in written form, even if it is digital. Thanks to such high security and legal recognition, it is possible to sign any document with such a signature, including labor law documents. It is also possible to communicate with the state administration online, as they must recognize such signatures.

When signing the document, the user enters his email and password to log into his account. He then has the option to select the digital certificate he wants to use to sign the document. The platform then generates an electronic signature using this certificate and attaches it to the document.

The document with the signed electronic signature is stored on the platform and the user has the option to download it and forward it to the person who needs it. This person has

the ability to verify the authenticity of the signature and the validity of the digital certificate using the public key included in the digital certificate. This ensures that the document is signed by both parties and is considered valid and legal.

Such a method of signing is fast and efficient. When registering, users have the option to use Bank Identity to verify their identity and it is not necessary to visit Czechpoint or other verification sites.

Part of the project was the creation of an own certification authority that would manage user certificates in the cloud.


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