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Observability (APM)

Keep your applications under control and identify potential problems early. 


The electronicization of documents will allow you to focus on your business priorities.

Team leasing

Leave the management and care o development team to us, leaving more time for your core business.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is becoming a natural part of information ecosystems. Don't stand aside.


NajdiKáru is an online C2C portal for the sale of used cars. It allows people to sell their used cars directly to each other, without the need for a middleman or car dealership. On the site, users can view used car offers available in their area and contact their owners directly.

The portal also offers tools for filtering and searching for cars according to various criteria, such as make, model, year of manufacture, price, etc. Thanks to NajdiKára, people can find and buy a used car easily and quickly, without the need to visit physical car dealerships.

The portal also included mobile applications for Android and iOS, which offered functions such as viewing used car offers, filtering and searching for cars according to various criteria, such as brand, model, year of manufacture, price, etc. Furthermore, the possibility of inserting a new advertisement including a guide, how to take a photo of a car Communication between the seller and the buyer was ensured using a built-in online chat, so the arrangement was quick and efficient.

The portal also included artificial intelligence that edits photos so that the ad is always attractive at first glance and the entire advertisement has a consistent effect. Finding out more information about cars from various registers and databases was a matter of course, so that the buyer always had the maximum amount of information.

When buying a used car on NajdiKár, it was possible to use the financing offered by NajdiKár's partners, both bank and non-bank. In order to be able to provide this option, we had to go through a demanding licensing procedure with the CNB and obtain all the necessary licenses and permits.


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