Our work

We develop software and have over ten years of experience in designing and developing software. We also create web portals, mobile apps, and extensive database solutions.

Our competence

Development of IS, portals and applications

We implement our products or third-party products, our team is also able to develop comprehensive solutions. When implementing these solutions, we use the agile and waterfall approach, or a combination of both.

In the area of FinTech and InsurTech solutions, our analysts can provide qualified expertise and join the client's team as another member in finding the best solution for the client.
Our main goal is always successful long-term cooperation based on client satisfaction with the services and solutions we supply.


We specialize in complex projects focused on the integration of multiple systems.
We have successfully connected information systems (IS) and web applications of hundreds of public, paid and non-public services of leading institutions and companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad. Using these integrations, we were able to significantly expand the functionalities of integrated systems, or perform end-to-end digitization of processes in companies.
As part of integration solutions, we will process the design and development of a robust interface (API) and can securely provide data from internal IS to other projects or partners.
In this work, we emphasize the high security of the APIs created, confirmed by successful projects in this area, such as the complete design and implementation of the PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) layer for banking institutions.


Many years of experience in software development for companies that are leaders in the field of financial consulting, enables our analysts to assist companies in integrating, or designing, software solutions. Our specialists will help you turn the original idea into a functional product.
Thanks to our project managers and team leaders, you will get an independent view at software solutions already in use and an assessment of the current status of projects.

SLA (Maintenance)

It is a matter of course for us to ensure the operation of the delivered solutions, their subsequent service and development. With a strong team in different positions and high standardisation of service activities, we can deliver projects that have high demands on the SLA (Service Layer Agreement).
We maintain several hundred projects as part of the service activities under the SLA contract. Every year, our service department processes tens of thousands of requests. We are concerned about the running and security of client databases with more than a million clients.


Our specialists have had experience in building data warehouses for more than 15 years. Following our delivered solutions, we focus on data analysis to maximize the benefits of the solution, optimize processes, and transforming organizations into a Data-Driven Business model.
Business Intelligence currently also includes the use of Big Data and AI, where the knowledge of our AI experts is combined.


Artificial intelligence is an aspect that is likely to shape our daily lives soon. Changes related to artificial intelligence can be expected in the foreseeable future in virtually every sector from the financial sector, through e-commerce to industrial production. In supplying our services, we aim to allow our clients to use the latest technology and be able to get ahead of the competition.
We are researching artificial intelligence and intelligent algorithms. We are experimenting with the use of AI within our R&D department and trying to find the right and effective uses for our clients that make effective use of artificial intelligence methods in the resulting applications. More information about our research in AI


We are an expert in the field of GDPR. We help apply GDPR issues to our customers' existing systems and analyze the way they handle personal information, including high-security data - medical records. An important aspect of GDPR analysis is the security of personal data in systems and the security against their leakage. We provide training for company employees to work with personal data. All our applications are GDPR ready.

European Structural Funds

Business Logic s.r.o. is successful in drawing money from European funds. We have implemented these projects in the past:

Development of a new business and sales platform BSP.

Development of a new multi platform solution Blogic Genesis.

This project is co-financed by the European Union funds.

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