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jirka jirka

Ing. Jiří Pálka Ph.D.

Company Director

Jiří graduated from the Faculty of IT at Thomas Baťa University in Zlín. He worked in the University Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Germany, where his postgraduate studies involved developing advanced touchless temperature sensors. He dealt with the implementation of modern sensors and sensors in smart house projects. Since 2008 Jiří has held the position of Company Director in Business Logic s.r.o., which supplies a complete information system for the company Fincentrum a.s. - And finance company operating on the Czech and Slovak markets in financial advice.

jan jan

Ing. Jan Pálka Ph.D.

Sales Director

Jan completed his postgraduate studies in artificial intelligence at Thomas Bata University in Zlín and Universidad de Vigo in Spain, where the topic of his dissertation and other scientific publications was the application of neural networks in ICR with regard to the specifics of the Czech language.
Since 2005, Jan has worked on developing various desktop, web and mobile applications within different positions across developer, analyst, and project manager. In our company Honza holds the position of sales director and his main task is to strengthen Business Logic's business activities in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

martin martin



Martin graduated from the University of Economics in Prague. He has written articles about the Internet and telecommunications for CHIP magazine, and is co-author of the book “Reklama na internetu” (“Internet Advertising”). He has also worked on projects for companies in Silicon Valley and San Diego. Since 1998, his life has been dedicated to internet technology. Initially, this involved ASP/MS, SQL and ASP.NET platforms, and more recently his interest has shifted to J2EE/Oracle.

franta franta

Ing. František Bolf

Chief Operating Officer

After joining our company in 2010, František went through positions in software development from backend developer, analytical positions, project manager, to account manager for key customers, to the position of operational director since 2019.
In addition to the main agendas of its position, it focuses primarily on the standardization of processes in our company in order to enable its further planned growth in the coming years.

hynek hynek

Ing. Hynek Petrla

Technical Director

He graduated from Tomas Bata University in Zlín, majoring in Information Technology. He started his career in 2013 in development and analytical positions.
Since 2019 he has been the Technical Director of the company. He is responsible for the management and development of computer science and software development. He continues to participate in the implementation of the company's key internal and client projects.

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