Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an aspect that is likely to shape our daily lives more and more soon. The development of AI has been steadily accelerating in recent years. A great example is digital assistants like Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple or Cortana from Microsoft, where AI finds its way into the daily lives of ordinary people. Changes related to artificial intelligence can be expected soon in virtually every sector, from the financial sector, through e-commerce, to industrial production.

We strive to ensure that our clients have the latest technologies available, which will give them an edge over the competition. Within our division, we experiment with the use of AI in various areas in order to use the acquired know-how in the projects of our clients.

Our research

Automatic photo sorting

As is well known, people shop with their eyes. Therefore, the basis of every advertisement, in addition to detailed information, are mainly photographs.
As part of the NajdiKár startup, we implemented AI, which sorts photos by users according to a defined order. The advertising platform thus has a consistent photo gallery for each advertisement, without bothering the advertiser by manually sorting the photos. The advertisement then has a clearer effect for visitors, as each advertisement in the introductory photo has a car from the same point of view.

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Client segmentation

It is important for each trader to correctly identify the potential of the client so that he can subsequently offer the right services or products. However, the segmentation itself takes a lot of time that the salesperson could spend building a relationship with the client. By deploying AI, we have achieved automatic client segmentation, which automatically updates (learns) over time. This saves the trader time and energy that he would have to spend regularly on regular segmentation of clients, and the trader can engage in other important activities.

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Prediction of the offer of financial products

Financial advice is on the one hand about personal contact, trust and knowledge of the financial market, on the other hand about a thorough analysis of data, their evaluation and prediction for the future.
We leave the first part purely to financial advisors, the second we help them thanks to artificial intelligence, which analyzes the client data and designs optimal products. All this happens continuously, so that ongoing changes in the client's life and financial situation are included.
The financial advisor always has up-to-date product proposals.

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Workflow control automation

In our company, we process more than 20,000 requests a year, and these requests have a clear workflow. In order to be able to make detailed reports and statistics, it is necessary to have the requirements in the system correctly and completely entered.
Keeping track of the correctness of 20,000 issues is a superhuman performance, which is why we used AI in our helpdesk to check individual requirements.
Thanks to AI, we have all the requirements in the right condition and our helpdesk system is beautifully tidy. At the same time, reporting is no longer affected by the errors of the contracting authorities.

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And how will AI help you?

Are you interested in using AI in your company? Do you already have a specific vision of how to use AI? Do you want to optimize processes using AI?

Write to us, let's meet over a cup of good coffee and discuss the goals and possibilities of cooperation.

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